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Working with HTML

To begin changing these pages to your own website you must first download@ the homepage file "index.html" and any linked files and images you wish to use to the same folder or floppy disc. Open a file you're going to edit in your browser and also in a text editor. If possible, placing the two windows side by side makes it easier to compare the HTML and it's effect on your webpage.
HTML tells browsers how to display your webpages. Here's the minimum:

<title>My Homepage</title>
Welcome to my homepage.

Notice that TAGS enclosed in <angle brackets> tell webbrowsers what to do.
Most tags are pairs opening <html> and closing (with a SLASH) </html>

Pairs of tags on Your Homepage are:
<html></html> your browser reads the enclosed file in HyperText Markup Language.
<head></head> contains the title and information describing your page.
<title>My Page</title> "My Page" appears in the top of the browser window.
<body></body> contains the main part of your page.
<h1></h1> what's enclosed heads a section of your page. (sizes from 1 to 6)
<blink></blink> blinks the enclosed text on and off.
<big></big> makes the enclosed text bigger.
<center></center> centers the enclosed text and images.
<a></a> anchors a LINK. (Clicking links on your homepage opens your other pages or opens a mail message addressed to you.)
<font size=3> sizes the FONT (typed keybord symbols) from 1 to 7.
<font color=orange> colors the font. (Experiment with different color names from the Colors file.)
</font> returns the font to it's default size (3) and color (usually black).

Single tags on Your Homepage are:
<br> marks a BReak at the end of a line.
<p> marks the end of a Paragraph.
<hr> marks a Horizontal Rule accross your page.
<IMG SRC=MyPicture.jpg> places "MyPicture" on your page.

More html commands used within the tags on your page:
<body text=black> text color - sets the default text color - usually black
<body link=blue> link color for clickable text or images - default is usually blue.
<body vlink=purple> visited link - shows links you have already clicked - default is usually purple.
<h1 align=center> aligns the item (other alignments are left, right, top and bottom).
<body bgcolor=white background=image.gif> sets the pages background color or image.
<a href=page.html>@</a > links to another page.
<a>@</a >
Opens an email message addressed to student #123456789 at GaigoTandai.

Now try making some changes to your homepage.
Remember to SAVE the text file each time you make a change,
then open the file with your browser to see how your change looks.

Complete your biography and project description, but remember -
the web browser will only include line breaks and paragraphs when you tell it to.

Change <IMG SRC=MyPicture.jpg> to "YourPicture" and include "YourPicture.jpg" in your folder or floppy disc.
Make YOUR HOBBY Page your own and the Links Page your own favorite links.
Now upload@ all the files and images you're using to your directory on Tripod - or any server you prefer - & your own website is online!

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